Classification " L " 




Labor Organizations

•Laboratories - Medical•

•Laboratories - Testing•

•Ladies Ready To Wear – Retail•

•Lamp Shades•

•Lamp Shades - Wholesale & Manufacturers•


•Lamps - Wholesale & Manufacturers•

•Land Clearing & Leveling•

•Land Companies•

•Land Contracts•


•Landscape Architects•

•Landscape Contractors•

•Landscaping Equipment & Supplies•


•Laundries - Self Service•

•Lawn & Garden Equipment & Supplies•

•Lawn Maintenance•

•Lawn Mowers•

•Lawn Mower Parts•

•Leasing Services•

•Leather Goods - Repair•

•Legal Services Pre-paid Plans•

•Libraries - Public•

•Lighting Fixtures - Retail•

•Lighting Fixtures - Wholesale & Manufacturers•

•Linen Supply Service•

•Lingerie - Retail•

•Liquor Stores•

•Livestock Breeders•

•Livestock Commission Companies•

•Livestock Dealers•

•Livestock Hauling•


•Loans - Personal•

•Loans - Real Estate•

•Locks & Locksmiths•


•Logging Companies•

•Logging Equipment & Supplies•


•Lumber Mill Representatives•

•Lumber - Retail•

•Lumber - Treating•

•Lumber - Wholesale•

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Revised: March 30, 2008